Criminal activities are also “Going Digital”

Criminal activities are also “Going Digital”

Adding further complexity, adversaries are similarly “going digital”; online criminality is experiencing its own digital transformation revolution manifested largely by:

• The speed at which compromise methods and attacker behaviours are distributed as tools.

• The evolution of the criminal eco-system which is migrating away from the older online forum models towards more distributed, private channels.23

• The availability of tools and services that lower the skills bar for the attackers to effectively carry out attacks.

• The almost entrepreneurial nature of organized online crime which aims to scale the threat to maximize profits.

• The innovative trust models that continually evolve, creating ‘trust among thieves’ that enable the fencing of stolen information, or the anonymized payment of ransoms.

• The innovative methods for disrupting the identity of organizations and their critical services. As such, there can be no Digital Transformation without cyber-security.  Cybercrime, digital espionage, and hacktivism (digital activism) have become serious risks to businesses and consumers

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