Update on our research and areas of client development

Update on our research and areas of client development

We have a number of really exciting avenues of practical research and client offerings we are working on. A core focus in within the Kingdom of #saudiaarabia , but also UK and globally. Watch this space for more news

Saudi Cyber and Digital evolution within the Kingdom including how Blockchain is being used to develop health and smart contracts.

Digital Transformation and the cyber gap: How Digital programmes can ensure cyber security is not forgotten.

Smart Cyber: IIOT/ICS and Smart Cities, developing risk reduction programmes and working to ensure the programme is secure across the full value chain from suppliers to citizens

Working to develop cyber and project management professionals to become “blended” and able to offer better services to clients.

Public policy and technology: how these are working together to shape at a nation level

Triple Helix Modelling to develop synergies for businesses, industry and academia

and more…

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