About us

Smart Cyber Group (SCG)

Smart Cyber Group (SCG) was founded on the principal that our society is changing at such a fast pace that traditional Information security V1.0 methods no longer suit all circumstances. Framing this is the move towards mass digitisation, digitalisation, digital transformation, Industry 5.0, AI, Smart cities, stadiums et al. Our approach is to view the new world of information security/cyber through the lens of the wider technological and societal changes, and to move towards seeing cyber security through this lens of “Smart Cyber” as a metaphor for all these changes.

Our purpose is to facilitate the transition from the old to the new during this time and to work with both B2B (consultancies, organisations) looking to update how they provide services, and with B2C-end clients who wish to have that internal refresh of their security teams.

Additionally, we will work with select partners that see the advantage in pooling resources and expertise through mutually beneficial projects with a focus on finding practical solutions to real challenges that are facing us today.


“I founded Smart Cyber Group (SCG) to help address the ever increasing gap that exists between legacy cyber and smart/AI Digital Transformation projects, resulting in increased risk to a business –both cyber and financial.” 

Steven O’Sullivan