Digital Strategy and Transformation at Smart Cyber Group

What Smart Cyber Group can do for your business

Smart Cyber Group helps companies make the promise of digital transformation a reality. We work collaboratively with you to create a deep understanding of the risks and opportunities presented by new emerging technologies and think creatively about how you can use these technologies to improve business performance using our own augmented model of transformation, cyber and P3M to ensure we provide you with that added assurance.

Steven O’Sullivan, Founder and CEO

Drawing on our experts in data and analytics, technology, cybersecurity, internal audit, business process, risk and compliance, we tailor teams of professionals to fit the specific requirements of your transformation programme. These professionals work side-by-side with you at any or all stages of a transformation programme, delivering confidence that the people, processes and technologies involved converge to create value in the future.

The importance of having the right transformation team and approach to driving your digital transformation is a key factor for success.

Smart Cyber Group offers a range of digital transformation services including

Digital transformation strategy development using our P3M/Cyber model

Implementation of your roadmap at a pace that suits you

Work with you on cloud outsourcing where needed to support the transformation

Business case development and benefits realisation for your digital programme

Development and implementation of enterprise information architecture to support the needs of your programme

Training and education of your people and suppliers

What this means in practical terms

We take a very pragmatic and get the job done approach to helping you with the success of your project. We don’t just tell you what you need to do, we work with you to implement and manage it also.

Develop your digital transformation strategy and roadmap and offer a 3 in 1 value approach. DX-Cyber and P3M

Develop a pragmatic maturity model that includes cyber aspects of transformation.

Work with you, as part of your team to implement this, at your pace.

Connect you to best industry and sector practices.

As well as providing expertise across the digital delivery lifecycle, Smart Cyber Group provides extensive expertise in supporting the business change associated with your digital transformation programme.

Smart Cyber Group offers a range of digital transformation services including:

Leading and facilitating your company’s digital transformation strategy, planning, and execution into the Digital Age. We can take organisations at any level of transformation as far forward as their business strategy envisions, for example:

Companies just beginning to digitise their operations, but are uncertain how to do it and where to begin.

Already-digital companies, but to a limited extent, who are unsure or unclear what to do next, and which new technologies will provide the best ROI.

Substantially digital companies that are uncertain how to expand, integrate, and streamline their digital strategy for more profitable growth or value creation.

“With Smart Cyber Group your company does not only get a digital transformation strategy and roadmap, you also get your cybersecurity, privacy and cyber resilience assessed and factored into the programme of work using the unique Digital Transformation model we have developed. A 3 in 1 approach.”

Steven O’Sullivan CEO