What do we mean by a smartcyber based approach

Smart Cyber is a metaphor for all the new emerging tech that comes about as we move into Industry 4.0 and Digitilisation and Transformation.

This expands the type of cyber offerings and brings about a greater convergence with Digital and Physical. This is particularly relevant in the Energy/Utilities sector which are having to upgrade and evolve their OT, ICS/SCADA based systems and their wider digital and cloud programs.

With cyber-attacks growing increasingly complex due to “Smart based solutions” being embedded into organisations, the demand for updated security solutions has reached unprecedented levels.

Smart Cyber Group’s approach directly addresses these challenges by empowering companies to defend against the next wave of cyber threats – that come from AI:ML, IoT/IIoT and Next Gen services with a “Smart Cyber methodology.” Simply, where you have a transformation program, technology refresh, digitalisation in any of your programs of work, you are involved with Smart Cyber. 

We can help you with the benefits this brings, minimisation of the risks and the culture and development of your people to understand and work with the new ecosystem you now have connected within your company.

The following examples illustrate the kinds of activities we have performed previously, and we’re always keen to take on new challenges:

    • AI/Smart Cyber risk and security: identifying, evaluating and treating information risks associated with LLM and other AI-based systems, applications and processes, specifying, documenting and testing controls.

    • API Security: All aspects of your APIs lifecycle. Including review and scanning for shadow and zombie APIs.

    • OT Security tools review and integration: help to determine your requirements, then survey the market,  evaluate, select and negotiate prices for the most appropriate tools/systems for your organisation. 

    • For B2B: developing your cyber practice to take on OT and Smart Cyber services: working with you to evolve and grow your business outside of IT Security into the Smart and OT Security domains. Increase your market share, revenue and industry standing.

    • Digital and Cyber Transformation: Helping you to ensure that any new programmes of work are not only aligned to the most relevant standards, but actually protect your organisation.

    • Audit and assurance such as: security strategy reviews; audits ; software development projects audits; cloud supplier assessments/audits; CSA, ISO27001 pre-certification audits (readiness checks, gap analyses) … 

    • Cyber Resilience/Business continuity management – are your organisation’s arrangements adequate to get you through a major incident or disaster? Is that just a wishful thinking or do you know things will be OK, for sure? Use best industry frameworks, but also prove it works when needed.

    • Security Operations, including SOC/CSOC: Ensuring your SOC operations are working effectively and that you are getting the most from your in-house/outsourced SOC.  

    • CISO coaching and mentoring – a knowledgeable, trusted friend lending you an ear and offering expert guidance based on decades of experience. 

    • Information risk and security management – strategy, policy and governance; identifying, evaluating and addressing information risks; benchmarking; assurance; business continuity management and resilience.

    • Cyber and information risk assessment – assistance to identify, evaluate, prioritise and decide how to address information and cyber risks. Development of the right fit risk methodology for your organisation. 

    • Information security controls assessment – tell us which standards, requirements or guidance you’d like to be reviewed or audited against – Cyber Essentials, NIS/CAF, ISO/IEC 27001/27701, NIST , CSA or your own internal standards. Working with you to close any gaps. 

    • Interim management – holding the reins, stabilising the situation and assisting with the recruitment and settling-in of a replacement CISO or ISM. 

    • NIS/CAF, 27001, NIST, 62443 consulting – achieve and maintain your compliances and certification with our expert guidance, from initial planning through implementation support, ISMS management reviews and internal audits, leading to continuous improvement and maturity.