Smart City and Stadium Cyber


SCG provide Smart City Cyber Security services across the full life cycle of your smart programme or project. We are certified by the IOT Security Institute (Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Professional) and work using a Triple Helix and P3M/Cyber/Data/Culture/Technology model to ensure your project’s success end to end.


  • Quick wins options and tuning of your project.
  • Stadium/Cities as a Platform Model.
  • Smart City full life cycle project and programme management.
  • Smart City’s Training services.
  • Augmented and self-developed Cyber/P3M Smart Model ensures efficiency savings.
  • Aligned to Industry best Smart/IIOT standards and frameworks.
  • Establishing custom Smart roadmap for your organisation
  • Work with your cyber-team ensuring security synergies and close gaps.
  • Triple helix model future proofing and benchmarking against best practices.


  • Streamlined smart project implementation.
  • Improved focus on cyber and cyber landscape risk reduction.
  • Reduced costs from duplication and multiple vendors.
  • Better informed team with our Smart training for all members.
  • Reduced downtime and cyber resilience and incident response programs.
  • Better protection of sensitive data in your organisation.
  • Focus on better use of your data and data strategy.
  • Augments your other IOT/Big Data project.
  • Trained Smart/Digital Transformation consultants to understand your requirements.