Virtual BDM and GTM Support

Are you an IIOT, Edge, AI or Deep Tech startup new to the UK?

If so, we can help you with GTM, BDM and technical and compliance activities.

From full time to fractional we offer a PAYG service at a low price that ensures your message and purpose gets across-face to face.

We can:

  • Provide that local face2face for presentations, meetings, discussions and more.
  • Work with any technical implementation or POC
  • Liaise and keep on track any local companies, partners, integrators
  • Map what your solution does to in country standards and frameworks to ensure compliance is covered
  • Ensure your solutions fits CORRECTLY into the client or prospect’s ecosystem with no adverse impact
  • Provide any training locally.

We can give you that edge to achieve success by reducing your effort, budget and time.

Contact us for more details